We want the right to live, study, work and retire anywhere in the European Union.  We believe in retaining Europe-wide standards of human rights and working rights, and seek to strengthen them.  We believe in building on European environmental protections to guarantee our right to live in a clean world.

Britain must be at the heart of Europe - economically, socially and culturally.  We want the UK to use its influence to drive forward EU-wide reform to meet present and future global challenges.  In the absence of any credible plan moving forward, the government should pause the triggering of Article 50.

We value a diverse and inclusive society.  We understand the benefits of free movement and we welcome people who wish to contribute to UK and European life.  We deplore the artificially divisive nature of the referendum campaign, in contrast to broader ideals of peace and co-operation.

The principles of democracy are integral to our movement.  We passionately believe in people’s democratic right to be heard and included in all future negotiations.  MPs should speak to their constituents and create a roadmap for public consultation at every stage.


All forms of peaceful action and cultural expression are welcome.  We believe that everyone can influence political decisions through cultural activism.  We want every voice to be heard and we are working with writers, thinkers, artists, and musicians to build the broadest possible movement.

We are a non-partisan movement.  We want all people to make a stand for Europe regardless of their political persuasions.  The national interest must be placed ahead of party politics, and we hope that our politicians will act with integrity and be fully accountable to the public.

We rely on people taking action.  We are working with those seeking to change hearts and minds at a local level and staying in contact with their MPs.  We would like to see people spread the word though their own networks about March for Europe.


Diverse.  We respect everyone’s background, opinion and right to express themselves.  We have come together at a time of crisis because we care passionately about Britain’s future within Europe.

Inclusive.  We are concerned by the artificially divisive nature of the referendum and seek to work with all people to ensure the best possible outcome for Britain and Europe.  No matter what your political background or which way you voted in the referendum, you can play a role in shaping the future of the movement.

Organised.  Over 50,000 people came together on July 2nd in a colourful, vibrant and peaceful protest through the streets of London.  Members of the public from 8 to 80 years old took to the stage, united in their desire to see Britain remain in Europe and search for a better way forward.  Two of the original organisers are working with a network of volunteers and cultural icons to ensure the largest demonstration of its kind takes place this September 3rd.

National.  On September 3rd we will see people marching for Europe in cities including London, Bristol, Oxford, Cambridge, Cardiff and Edinburgh.  If you are marching outside London keep us up to date with developments in your area.


We are concerned by the aftermath of the referendum campaign.  Since the referendum we have witnessed political upheaval, social disruption, community tension and economic uncertainty.  We want to see a confident and unified movement harnessing passionate and optimistic minds to build our own vision for the country’s future.

On September 5th Parliament reconvenes to discuss Britain’s future.  We will tell Parliament that any conversation about the country’s future with Europe must include our voices.  

We are here for the long term.  We have come together at this crucial moment in the country’s history to confidently express ourselves.  We are ready to play the long game and show hard-line Brexiteers that we will not back down.